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Dir Natalie-Anne Downs
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Performance of Honorata Martin
I do not want to describe what I'll do, because maybe if I see you I will not do it. Or maybe I want to do nothing, but I won’t do nothing because I want to do something when I face someone. Although there is a chance that I won’t face anyone, that I will lay down or run away. I don’t want to describe the problem I'm going to deal with, because I want to do in a way that will make you understand it differently, or understand it the same way, but not because I'll explain it. If I’m in a good mood, I will bake cookies, so maybe it's worth coming. I’m still thinking about it though.
Honorata Martin 
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    Festival IN OUT
    We would like to invite filmmakers and visual artists to participate in an open international competition happening along with 13th edition of IN OUT FESTIVAL. The competition is organized regularly since 2005 by LAZNIA Centre of Contemporary Art. Participants can submit videoarts, documentaries, experiments and animations focusing on this year’s theme VIDEO/PERFORMANCE.
    The contest is a two-step process: until 1 April 2019 jury of the 1st step will select 20 artists, whose works will be qualified to the 2nd step and then screened at LAZNIA CCA. All finalists will be invited to take part in the festival in Gdańsk.
    1st award: PLN 5 000 funded by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk.
    2nd award: PLN 4 000 funded by the LAZNIA CCA.
    The jury will also award special mentions.
    All the artists must be aged 18 and over.
    Film duration: over 1’ under 20’.
    Production year: the work should not be older than 3 years.
    We are waiting for the submissions until 24 March 2019. Do not hesitate to take part! 
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    -114 days
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